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Wednesday Juy 24, 8:30

The first part of the final day of the 2013 EPS-HEP conference focuses mainly on the physics of quarks - the basic  constituents not only of protons and neutrons but also of many heavier more exotic particles. They interact through the strong force, described by the theory of quantym chromodynamics (QCD) within the Standard Model. But quarks also decay from heavier to lighter types - or "flavours" - through the weak force. Studies of heavy flavours provide a powerful way to test the Standard Model and search for new physics. The leptons - the other family of particles of matter, which include the electron - also come in different "flavours", and they too offer windows on new physics.

The afternoon session commences with the award of the Elsevier Poster Prizes, for best poster contributions to the conference.

The following presentations give an outlook on the status of the searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. These include the hunt for "supersymmetry", a new symmetry of nature that predicts new heavy particles as partners to the known particles, as well as other more model-independent searches.

The conference will be rounded off by a summary of highlights by CERN's Research Director, Sergio Bertolucci. Finally, Nobel prize-winner Gerard 't Hooft - whose theoretical work in the early 1970s laid important foundations for the Standard Model - will look forward to what lies in store particle physics in the future.


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